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Elderly Pneumatic Leg Massager Apoplexy Hemiplegic Circulatory Electric Therapy Instrument Air Wave Pressure Apparatus


A.Product composition
Controller, inflatable tube, sleeve..

B.Technical parameters
Pressure range: 20-240土hg    Time adjustment: 0-30 minutes
Rated voltage: 220V    Rated power: 30W

C.Adapt to the crowd
It can relieve the symptoms caused by chronic venous disorders such as neuralgia, frozen shoulder, seq uelae of numbness in hand and foot.

1.Four-cavity air fluctuations provide a full range of massage from toe to thighs;
2.compared with other electronic, physical beat instruments, pneumatic massage is more comfortable;
3.massage speed and heart rate are similar, so feel more relaxed;
4.Pneumatic massage avoids the risk of electric shock and burns;
5.only pull the plug can deflate;
6.pressure adjustment knob can easily control the pressure;
7.The treatment time can be set according to the physical condition;
8.the structure of fastening, low voice, low vibration;
9.portable, compact design, save space, energy saving.

E.How to use
1.Select the appropriate underwear or pad (the upper or lower extremity is worn) and connect the cover or pad with the controller. Please remove the watch, ring, bracelet, etc. when you are wearing the u pper arm. Otherwise, it may damage the body or damage the sleeve. When wearing the lower extremity s leeve, please remove the contents of the trouser pocket and use it, otherwise the body will be wounded o r suffer The sleeve is damaged, please wear it. In use, the zipper may slide down. So please put on the clo thing and not use it on the exposed body. Pull the sleeve zipper to the top and buckle it (if not pulled) At the top, the zipper will slide down, and the air chamber in the sleeve may be destroyed
2.Turn on the power and turn on the power switch.
ready to set the time according to your needs (30 minutes or less)

F.Instructions for use
Plug in and open the switch.
Lower limb sheath.
Pull the zip up to the top and fasten it.
Wear little and thin clothes and relax naturally.
Facing the vent of the machine, set the connector with the arrow icon facing up (the connector arrow down can be replaced by another press button) and connect the connector to the vent of the instrument.
Waist jacket
Wear little and thin clothes and relax naturally.
Use a waist cover for both waist and hip benefits.

4.Upper arm sheath

G.Wear little and thin clothes and relax naturally
H.Facing the machine vent, the sheath connector with the arrow icon facing up conne cts the sheath connector to the vent of the instrument.
All sets of simplifications are simple and easy to repair. Please use it carefully!
Do not place the instrument near sharp objects such as nails, needles, scissors, etc.
Store in a dry place.
do not bubble, gas charges, use alcohol or micro-wet towel wipe.
in winter, can not be cryogenic equipment
For long time storage, please put the instrument into the box.
Acute inflammatory skin diseases, cardiac insufficiency, erysipelas, deep thrombophlebitis, pulmonary e dema, acute venous thrombosis, insufficiency of blood pressure, etc. are prohibited:
the instrument should be placed in a clean, flat and stable place to use;
when the children, injured, disabled patients use the instrument, there should be strict monitoring:
Make sure that the cable is far away from the heat source. If it is found that the cable or plug is damaged, it is not working properly, it is forbidden to turn on the water, etc.
do not use outdoors;
Do not use this device in places where atomization therapy or oxygen therapy is performed;
Do not connect or modify the instrument with other instruments.
After use, turn all adjustment knobs to the position of "OFF" , then pull out the power;
can not be close to the heat source, there are sharp objects such as needles, scissors, otherwise it may dam age the set or cause a fire; unused sets of Jane should be stored in a clean place, do not store at low tempera tures in winter, or cover slip It will become hard and easily damaged.



Certification : CE
Item Type : Massage & Relaxation
Material : Non-woven
Brand Name : DISIYING

Elderly Pneumatic Leg Massager Apoplexy Hemiplegic Circulatory Electric Therapy

SKU: 2251832683490864
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