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Wall Street Reimagined

Honoring The Entrepreneurs of
The Original Black Wall Street
1921 Tulsa, Oklahoma

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The Mission

WALL STREET REIMAGINED was birthed from the vision of the Original Black Wall Street, Tulsa, Oklahoma, in an effort to educate foreclosed families about the recovery of financial wealth due to them.


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Asset Recovery Services

The Foreclosure 

          Ever had your home foreclosed on?  If so, there is a possibility that YOU could be owed funds from the money left over from the sale of your home.  Many people do not know that they can receive surplus property funds after their property is sold in a foreclosure auction.


           Whenever a property is sold in foreclosure due to an unpaid mortgage loan, the lender is required to return surplus funds to the prior owner after the auction.

         Foreclosure laws state that the difference of the unpaid loan amount and the current selling price of the foreclosed property should be paid to the defaulter. Such a difference is known as foreclosure surplus.


           In order to have access to such funds, CYNTHIA A. ROBERTSON, LLC can speedily file a legal claim on your behalf to aggressively recover any excess funds from the sale of your foreclosed home. 


           CYNTHIA A. ROBERTSON, LLC, will conduct  thorough investigations with your previous mortgage holder financial institution and with the sale trustee, as well as follow required court procedures to get back the surplus money due to you.

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