Wall Street Reimagined

Remembering Black Wall Street
1921 Tulsa, Oklahoma

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Building Back Better

Biden-Harris Administration

Independent Business Owner #3105491

"Truth smashed down to the ground will rise again undaunted."

                                                                                 Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King


My Testimony

As a CDL Class-A, long haul trucker, I was always searching for an opportunity that would allow me to transition from being away from family and friends, yet would sustain me without downsizing financially.

I had successfully reached the top of my game in trucking (see bio); having started as a company driver, obtained all of my endorsements (Tank, Double/Triple, HazMat, TWIC for port entry, and Canadian FAST card for Canadian entry), became an owner operator with my own truck, became a career mentor and advisor, became an FMCSA authorized freight broker, became a million-mile safe driver (no accidents); written four books and two journals; and featured in Amazon's Author Central.


One day, I was invited to a Zoom call that changed my life.  I was introduced to skill sets and educators that had previously been out of reach.  Then, like ice water in the face,  I was confronted with the two questions below.  No-brainer.  The rest is history!

I challenge you to answer the two questions below.  A word of caution; your answers today, could have a lasting impact on your family for generations to come as did the demolition of Black Wall Street in 1921 in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  We still feel the effects today.

What Does Financial Freedom
Mean To You?

Two Questions

Number 1:
          In the last few years, with the amount of money that has flowed through your bank account, how much has your money made for you?

Number 2:
          What if there was a skill that could teach you how to multiply your money and you were able to keep 100% of the profit, would you want to know about it?

The Mission

Wall Street Reimagined, CDL Success, and IM Mastery Academy are committed to addressing the critical need for financial literacy and personal investments that will ultimately  create entrepreneurs, aid business development, expansion, recovery, stabilization, and resiliency.

The desire is that today's generation will take advantage of phenomenal opportunities offered herein that prior generations never received due to the systematic structure of the prevailing educational and political systems that continue to exist today.  


Think about this.  If you do nothing today to improve your current financial and educational situation, then what will you become tomorrow?  What impact will your decision today have on your descendants tomorrow?  Really think about that.

Get Free From The Choke-Hold of Debt Right Now!

The Vision

The Vision of Wall Street Reimagined CDL Success, and IM Mastery Academy is to Educate, Empower, and Enrich one million customers in the financial disciplines of:

  • eCommerce (ECX-Online Shopify Store)

  • Transportation-related eCommerce

  • Forex (FRX)

  • High Frequency Forex (HFX)

  • Digital Currency (DCX) 

The Value

1921 Black Wall Street understood the value of money, the value of making self-investments, and the value of financial literacy, as evidenced by the numerous residences and successful businesses that were demolished.


If you can see any importance and value in making an investment in yourself by learning a new skillset that will benefit you and your family for generations to come, then enroll the academy program of your choice. 


These programs are worldwide.  Language is no barrier. Prosperity is a "human right"  and all are welcome!

Enroll Below:

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